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FB Smart Messenger is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. Facebook has introduced a new way to message and engage your target audience.

​8 times better open and click rate than email marketing.

FB Smart Messenger is the world's instant messenger subscriber software and bulk messenger

It’s the best alternative of email marketing which is more powerful.

Yes It's Better Than Email Marketing !

Are you tired of not getting result of email marketing ? Super low open rate and dismal click through rates.  It’s becoming harder day by day each day to produce result with email. With FB Smart Messenger, get instant Facebook Messenger Leads. Capture and Messenger leads in a new and super easy way.

Send bulk message to your Messenger leads. Almost 100% open rate and delivery rate.  I'm getting the same results from 500 Facebook Messenger as I do with 5000 email leads. The future of list building is
FB Smart Messenger.

All Awesome Features in Just One Software...

Here Are Some MUST SEE Statistics !!

FB Smart Messenger Is a 1-click software tool that captures leads from a simple Facebook message, and replies to Facebook comments, and more…
all on
complete autopilot!

It’s like having your very own Facebook marketing assistant
working to grow your business 24/7… 365 days per year!

FB Smart Messenger Automatically Responds To Any Private Messages You Receive

Anytime a private message comes in, FB Smart Messenger is ready to work for you by sending a response right away.

This frees you up to do other things and prevents you from missing out on your core

FB Smart Messenger Automatically Responds To Any Comments On Your Facebook Pages

When someone leaves a comment on your
Facebook pages, FB Smart Messenger will respond with a comment or via a private Facebook message to the commenter depending on which option you choose.

With FB Smart Messenger All Messages Are Fully Customizable

Everything is easy to customize right inside
FB Smart Messenger. You get to decide how FB Smart Messenger responds, when it responds, and what it says.

With FB Smart Messenger Add Everyone That Messages You To A List

If someone messages you, they are clearly interested in what you have to offer and either want to buy or have a question.

You don’t get a hotter prospect than this, which is why FB Smart Messenger automatically adds anyone that sends you a message to a list.

With FB Smart Messenger 
Import Contacts With A Few Clicks

If you have your own contacts that you want to add to your list, FB Smart Messenger has an easy-to-use import feature 

With FB Smart Messenger Send Messages To Your Newly Created ‘Hot’ Lists

Forget horrible email open rates…
Blast messages out to your newly-created
HOT FB Smart Messenger lists and enjoy
90-100% open rates.

Just 3 Simple Steps To Get
More Leads, Traffic And Buyers With FB Smart Messenger

Access The 
FB Smart Messenger  Software

This step is simple. Just activate your purchase of FB Smart Messenger
and login to the platform.
This only takes a few seconds
 to get started.

Link Your Facebook And Customize Your Settings & Automations

Link your account and add your Facebook Fanpages
 to the FB Smart Messenger platform. 
Again this takes less than a few seconds.

Sit Back While The Software Works 24/7 To Engage Your Prospects

This is the fun part.
Once everything is setup,
 you can relax whilst your Facebook marketing efforts
 are put on complete autopilot.

When You Use FB Smart Messenger..

You’ll Get More Leads

You’ll Become More Trusted On Facebook And Get More Traffic

You’ll Have More Buyers

You’ll Save Countless Hours And You Won’t Feel STUCK Having To Manage Your Facebook Messages All The Time .

FB Smart Messenger Is A Campaigner

Use it with Multiple Facebook Accounts and Pages

Sync All Leads That Come into Your Fanpage Messenger

Group Your Leads Based On Their Responses

Send Bulk Message to All Your Leads

Automatically  Sync Your Leads Everyday

Set Your Campaigns On Multiple Pages

Custom Message With Individual Leads FirstName 

Set Your Messages On Delay

Embed Unsubscribe Link In Your Messages

Auto Unsubscribe Leads Who Block Your Messages From Your Fanpage

FB Smart Messenger Is A Lead Generator

It Sends Auto Private and Public Reply to peoples comments on your post

It Auto Likes peoples comments on your post

You can customize the Autoreplies to these comments

You can set filters on abusive or unacceptable words on comments by your readers

It generates extensive report of Replies on Comments on your pos

It has JSON code generation tools for Facebook Messenger Ads

When You Start Using FB Smart Messenger..

You don't have to stress
 about customer support and manually replying
 to messages again.
FB Smart Messenger puts
 your Facebook
Marketing efforts on
complete autopilot.

You'll never worry about
 getting lead and sales again! Because this powerful software, 
 FB Smart Messenger will bring hordes of traffic,
 leads and sales into your
 business immediately.

It takes just minutes to get everything setup, and then the software goes to work on automating all those tasks for you.
 No further maintenance is required on your site. 
This is Smart Automation.


Smart Messenger Update | Reseller Club | Reseller Club

For Personal Use with 1 Fanpage and 500 Subscribers

Unlimited Messaging


per month


Smart Messenger Update | Reseller Club | Reseller Club

For Personal Use with 5 Fanpage and 2500 Total Subscribers

Unlimited Messaging


one time payment


For Personal and Client Use.  Unlimited Pages and Unlimited Subscribers

Unlimited Messaging


one time payment (with reseller rights)

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