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What is the best platform to get target traffic YOUTUBE or INSTAGRAM ?

YoutubeVsInstagram Instagram vs YouTube

If your in the online home business niche, or online enterprener then you know that the lifes blood of business is to get high convert traffic and to attract new customers.
Last year INSTAGRAM become one of the hottest working platforms to get traffic…

But how about YOUTUBE ? Is it still the most effective source to get tagret traffic to your offer?
So who win in this battle ? Who is the BEST ? So let’s start to compare:


igtraffic Instagram vs YouTube

Why Instargam ?
Instagram 91% of major brands are actively trying to grow! Facebook has 1.29B active monthly users after 13 years of existence and Instagram already has over 1B after just 7 years. It is an online entepreters’ dream. Solo ads do not work now like some years before and Instagram is able to produce massive, high quality and highly targeted cheap traffic. In addition you have businesses being spit out into the world left and right turning into multi-million dollar companies.
You need to change your mindset about Instagram and follow the people and strategies that really making money on Instargam. Instagram today potentialy can make you more money than Tweeter and Facebook! So what can you do to get started?

I want to share some value with you in a few ways you can help build your Instagram account organically….

#1: Cross-promote to get more followers

If you have your blog or are on Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat, you’ll want to broadcast and make louder the fact that you’re also on Instagram. And start to promote your Instagram account there on regular base.

#2: Add emojis to boost discoverability

You need to understand Emojis are the universal language on Instagram. In fact, Instagram reports that nearly 50% of all captions and comments on Instagram now have an emoji or two, you can get a free copy and past list
here: ‘’
Because emojis are searchable on Instagram as both as hashtags or your user name, people can find you based on which emoji you use.

#3: Create a Photo theme to reinforce familiarity

Instagram is takin to a digital magazine, so curate content that shares a similar theme or vibe. For example, crop all of your images the same way, try to be coherent and post pictures of the same subject matter, or use the same filter on all of your photos.

#4: Add #Hashtags to gain traction

The right #hashtags can expose your images to a large targeted audience. You can add up to 30 hashtags, and interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags.

Looking for supplemental #hashtags to your pictures and to your account and topic?

You can use ‘’ to find hashtags that are relevant and related to your business. Simply type in a major #hashtag from an already-popular post and see which of the resulting related #hashtags you can add to your post to bring in new traffic.

#5: Use audience preferences to inform your content strategy

It’s important to go back through your photos periodically to see which posts got the most likes and comments. This helps you serve up more of what your followers are interested in and weed out the types of posts that don’t perform well. Clone your success and cut the loosers.

instagram-ads-125x125 Instagram vs YouTube

How To Set Your Instagram Ads Correct – Instagram Ads Biz


YouTubeSecret Instagram vs YouTube

Why YouTube?

When you hear the words “search engine optimization,” you likely think of Google. This makes sense, as Google is clearly the top one when it comes to search engines, holding 63.8% of the market share.

But there is also a second search engine that you should focus on to maximize your business’s exposure – Youtube.

Video is big and getting bigger online.

Google wouldn’t purchased YouTube if they didn’t think video was important.

And when you look around video is dominating in social media.

It’s no secret that video content is really very popular online right now. Just look at your own Facebook feed, and you’ll see it filling up with videos. Or take a look at YouTube, where an hour of video is uploaded to the site every second of the day!

With that being said, there’s a big reason why most people are sitting on the sidelines and not diving into the vast oceans of high-converting, FREE video traffic out there…

You might not be actively in YouTube right now, but that’s Ok – I’m not here to talk about that. But if you build YouTube strategy in right way you will get increadable results

Youtube now is much more popular than any cable TV channels, you need more than 10 000 words to have the same attraction rate than with 1 minute target video.
More than 60% of all traffic online come from video. It is really one of the best source of online target traffic.

If you’re not currently using videos to get traffic, you’re missing out, big time!

Youtube is one of the most effective way to attract people to any of your offers. The main questions are:

– How to drive thousands of visitors to your site
– How to double your email list (and why that matters)
– How to convert your viewers into money in your bank account

You can learn what is the best way to create highly target salling video HERE – FREE WEBINAR

P.S. How to create videos to attract target leads – You need just a couple Simple Actions To Immediately Grab Your Prospects Attention – LOGIN A Simple 4-Point Blueprint

Do you watch videos?

What sort of YouTube video?

I mean…. ​

How would you like to be paid well for doing something really simple with YouTube

I’ve tried so many other programs but they were all just interested in selling me more and more programs. And not interested at all to help me make money. Tubeloom is different. The steps laid out were very easy to follow.
Working part-time, as little as a couple hours a day

tubeloom Instagram vs YouTube

So if we compare Youtube & Instagram, both of them have huge potential. Youtube traditionaly can be used to get quick results and to build your list using best free video strategies, but Instagram has more potential in future perspective. It is up to you what suits you most of all. Please comment below what work better for you and why.

If you want info more in details write me your comments.


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