FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

Provely-Review FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

It’s a step-by-step tricks you can use to improve your Facebook Ad campaigns as soon as today

Trick #1. How to use success of your competitors as your own

Step 1: Check the main competitors in your niche. I believe you will find a couple of with interesting Facebook Pages. You probably know much more right now.

Step 2: You need to go to each competitor’s page, check if they’ve got a “Liked by this page” section on the right-hand side.

(Some of them will have it, some will not – only if they’ve “liked” other pages)

That you need to open the list of ALL pages they’ve liked. Usually, these are all related to the page you’re currently on.

Step 3: Copy the title of each of these pages… (important – you have to do it one-by-one and step by step)

Step 4: Now you have to paste them into your Facebook Ads account, where you enter interests to target.

When doing that, either one of two things will happen:

1. You’ll either find out there’s an interest with the same name that can be targeted….


2. … you won’t be able to target it

But you need to do it step by step and one by one

Step 5: Repeat this for every single “liked” page (copy-paste them one by one)

Step 6: Once done, go to another Facebook Page in that niche, and repeat all steps mentioned above.

Using this simple trick, you can find tons of new prospects that you will never have found otherwise than using this simple trick

Instagram5 FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

Step 1:
You need to refresh your News Feed and look for Sponsored Ads. I advise you to save the list of all of those websites, so you can have several good ideas on what is possible to promote with Facebook Ads.

You’ll be very surprised at how simple it is for the websites to be advertised on Facebook Ads.

It is based on the interests you have already optimized within your personal account.

Step 2:
If you want to know more about how that got on your News Feed, you can click on the little arrow located in the top right corner of the newsfeed Sponsored Ads, and then click on “why am I seen this ad?”, so you’ll have a better understanding of how it works.

If you’d like to manage your main ad preferences, you can do so, as well.

Step 3:
That area is absolutely unbelievable how Facebook gets you the greatest traffic ever specially for you, and it is targeted traffic according to the user’s behavior.

Facebook shows ads based on things they think the user cares about. The user’s preferences include information from his profile but, it also takes into consideration the actions he takes on and off Facebook.

The FB user can Add or remove preferences to see ads he’ll find more interesting and relevant.

Facebook organizes all of your interests and actions into set categories. If you click on any one of them, you’ll see a list of specific websites and resources directly related to that category.

If you click on one of the resources, you’ll see what action you took, which shows Facebook your interest for that particular website or topic.

So you can always make sure Facebook will deliver you the greatest and most targeted traffic ever.


Trick #3. 5 MAIN YES and 5 MAIN NO

Facebook1 FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

5 things you should consider for a successful Facebook Ads venture

#1 Create the correct strategy
In order to attract people, you’ll need to post great, interesting and useful content consistently and purposefully. And to share free cool things with your fans. You can check the average time when your fans are online and schedule your posts, accordingly. It have to be your main magnet that
In case you’re planning to schedule some posts, you need to check the best hours that your fans are online and select those hours to schedule your post.
You can use tools like Hootsuite. It will help you find to organize your post shedule in all social media.

#2 Get Feedback And Give Respond
You’ll definitely want to improve the quality of the product or service you’re offering to have much better results. In order to do that, you’ll have to ask your prospects right questions and actively listen to your customers’ answers.
Can you see how great that would be? You can get answers straight from your customers.
That’s what customer feedback is all about.
It will help you understand the WHY people do one things and do not do the others. It is key if you want to get a much clearer picture of what’s going on, so you can learn how to go after the right opportunities.
Respond within an hour, not 24 hours It is key to acknowledge customer interactions, even if it’s just to say “Thanks”.
In the case of negative comments, you can follow this concept: “Acknowledge in public, solve in private.” If negative comments are handled correctly, people will actually apologize on your page.

#3 Follow the 80/20 rule
There’s not a right formula to successfully engage your audience on social media all the time, but applying ‘The 80/20 Rule’ should always be part of your working strategy.
Your aim should be provide a mixture of both work and play. It’s a matter of balance. 80% of your posts should be social (content that really interests your audience and useful for them and free, but it has to engage them in conversations), and 20% should be related to your brand.
The reason is that people use social media to be social. Always make it about building relationships, instead of annonce your audience with irrelevant content.
As part of your 20%, include persuasive calls-to-action. Also, include information that benefits your audience. It can be a discount, a special offer, provide useful statistics, etc.
Dedicate the remaining 80% to interesting content that really meets the needs of your audience. Things to keep in mind are retweets, inspirational quotes, questions, links to news, etc.
Post no more than 4 times a week, 2 times a day 82% of people think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands.

#4 Keep your posts under 70 characters
Posts with less than 70 characters receive 66% more engagement, likes, and comments, than lengthier counterparts.
Adding context to a photo or link is key, nevertheless, crafting a lengthy status update may cause follower’s eyes to glaze over it.
Use tracking URLs and Facebook insights to analyze your page performance to improve your Facebook Page, you need to know how your posts are performing.
You can make use of tracking URLs with UTM codes to identify which posts are driving traffic and conversions to your site. For Page-specific data, such as your engagement rate per post, you can use Facebook Insights.
Once you have insights from these analyses, you can customize your content strategy to post more of what really works.

#5 Use a Recognizable Profile Picture and Ask questions
In order to be found and liked, it is crucial to be noticed on Facebook !
Your profile picture is at the top of your page and is present in each of your posts. You need to make sure it is something that your fans can relate to your brand. Generally, it’s recommended to just go with your company logo.
Important – Facebook fans love a good question. Question posts have a 92% higher rate of engagement than non-question posts.
Ask your question at the end of your posts. It will get your public to leave the post with you in their mind, and believe me, that is a good thing for your brand.


story FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

5 main things you should AVOID for a successful Facebook Advertising venture

#1 Don’t sell all the time
Facebook openly deprioritizes promotional posts from Pages. This means, if you are only talking in relation to your brand on Facebook, your fans are less likely to see them. Selling is not a spirit of Facebook
The best bet is to mix in genuine posts (in order to gain some trust) with the News Feed before you try to send out more promotional posts.
Besides, you can always can use Facebook Ads for those messages. Do not try to sell to much at your account

#2 Don’t Create a profile instead of a page for your business
From the moment you start work with Facebook Ads, you’ll notice that it is quite simple to create a Facebook Page for business. By the way, it is extremely helpful when it comes time for users to search for you on the platform. Always create Facebook Business Page for your new site in you want to make it more succcessful.

#3 Don’t Post to the wrong Facebook account & don’t leave blank your comments “About”
Between accounts, whether professional or personal accounts, it is relatively easy to make the mistake of posting content on one account meant for another.
It’s more likely to happen when making updates on mobile devices. But such tools like the Pagemodo social media manager app will help you have a clear idea from which account you are posting, thus reducing the chances of this occurring.
A preview of the “About” section of your Facebook Page is seen beneath of your profile picture, and it’s definitely one of the first places people will look when they’re watching your Page.
Your Page should display relevant information about your company and help people to understand what you sell and why, always help to answer people’s questions a.s.a.p.

#4 Don’t write fake comments & never buy Likes
Every business owner on Facebook wants to be engaged and looks forward to it. However, writing fake comments will not help you at all, instead it will get your out or even shut down.
Also, fake accounts are easy to spot, and customers will happily announce it. Make it part of your plan to obtain real customer feedback, whether good or bad, because this will help you determine which content works best for your audience.
A big amount of likes may seem important to the success of your Facebook page, but a fake fan following represents nothing but a
Fake fans can be the same as low engagement, which will negatively affect the likelihood of people seeing the content you post.
If you’re experiencing a low percentage of people engaging your content, then it’s less likely you’ll appear in the newsfeed.

#5 Don’t Share too much & never delete negative comments
Being useful and careful is a good thing that must be applied all the time. For the things you share, don’t share too much information.
It’s a good idea to have a checklist. If you start posting hints or pictures too early, it could ruin the entire product launch.
If you tried to avoid problems it could make upset customers become happy. If you acknowledge negative comments, it shows that your goal is to serve your customers and be proactive in resolving issues. Do not let people think so as your main goal is to service your clients.

Make your own brand as “Human” as possible and don’t use too much automation !

If you want info more in details write me your comments.


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