FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

Provely-Review FB Traffic Tips & Tricks

It’s a step-by-step tricks you can use to improve your Facebook Ad campaigns as soon as today

Trick #1. How to use success of your competitors as your own

Step 1: Check the main competitors in your niche. I believe you will find a couple of with interesting Facebook Pages. You probably know much more right now.

Step 2: You need to go to each competitor’s page, check if they’ve got a “Liked by this page” section on the right-hand side.

(Some of them will have it, some will not – only if they’ve “liked” other pages)

That you need to open the list of ALL pages they’ve liked. Usually, these are all related to the page you’re currently on.

Step 3: Copy the title of each of these pages… (important – you have to do it one-by-one and step by step)

Step 4: Now you have to paste them into your Facebook Ads account, where you enter interests to target.

When doing that, either one of two things will happen:

1. You’ll either find out there’s an interest with the same name that can be targeted….


2. … you won’t be able to target it

But you need to do it step by step and one by one

Step 5: Repeat this for every single “liked” page (copy-paste them one by one)

Step 6: Once done, go to another Facebook Page in that niche, and repeat all steps mentioned above.

Using this simple trick, you can find tons of new prospects that you will never have found otherwise than using this simple trick

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