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Attention: When you are running to any marketing campaign and you don’t know if and where your traffic converts, you can loose a ton of money! To avoid this you have always to track your links and conversions

UDIMI – Best Place To Buy Solo Ads


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You can use TOP Safelists to build your own list with help of their Solo Ads

Quantum Safelist Exchange – Solo eMailBlaster
=> 1,000 Visitors to Your ANY Website!
=> 20,000 FREE Safelist Email Credits!
=> 100 Traffic Exchange Visitor Credits For EACH Referral!
=> 20,000 Visitor Credits For EACH Referral!!
and the most inportant is Solo Ads for 8257 members just for $5

ListVolta – Send Your FREE Ad here
=> Over 12 years in the making
Solo Ads for 13,000+ members just for $5.95

AdTactics –
=> One of the most responsive advertising system
Solo Ads for 5000+ members just for $7

ListJumper- effective online advertising
=> This is one of the most rewarding mailing system
Solo Ads for 6000+ members for $34.95/ per month

GOTSafelist makes it easy to fit your budget with FREE advertising
=> +60,000 members,
=> targeted prospects and traffic
Solo Ads for 1000+ target members for $59

Herculist – Leads, Leads, Leads!
=> It is a 100% optin safe-list. The system is very simple.
=> Join for free and submit your ad to the Herculist database
Solo Ads for 75440 members for $14.95/per month

Smart-list – 10,000+ Real People

Europeansafelist – Get up to 500 Leads into your Autoresponder!
=> How to explode your business
=> Get Real Traffic
Solo Ads for 16383 members just for $12.50

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Set It & Forget It, One Time Pay Traffic Programs

1. Leased Ad Space Get TRAFFIC, and Make MONEY

2. Banners and Bucks unlimited banners’ ads

3. BigAdBlast blast your ads to 40 massive networked websites totalling 647,000+ members

4.Cash In On Banners Your Free Ad on Thousands of Pages!

5. Commission Funnel 100% Commissions on a Multiple Advertising source

6. Confirmed Traffic Use This Site to Build Your List

7. LeadsLeap revenue-sharing system with ‘timer-free’ ad viewer and ‘Real Visit’ tracking system

8. TrafficExchangeOnSteroids is awesome stream of Traffic & Referrals

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Main Paid Traffic Sources:

Google Adwords
Pay Per Click (PPC), Contextual Ads, Banner Ads
Get your ad on Google today.

Pay Per Click (PPC).
Use Bing Ads to connect with millions of new potential customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Self Serve Search, Contextual Text Ads.
Find Out What Is In Trend Right Now, Use Your Ads Smart.

Facebook Advertising
Pay Per Click (PPC), Self Serve Ads on Facebook.
Use FB Ads to reach the real success online.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Contextual Ads, Banner Ads
Most effective contextual online advertising and re-targeting technology.

Twitter Advertising
Pay Per Click (PPC), Sponsored Tweets.
Promote with help of the world’s famous brands.

LinkedIn Advertising
Pay Per Click (PPC), Ads on Linkedin pages.
Find the real clients using the world biggest business network.

Youtube Ads
Video Ads.
YouTube is where millions of customers are watching video. Start your YouTube ads today.

Adblade – Online Advertising and Monetization Services
Pay Per Click (PPC), Self Serve Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Content Marketing.
The Most Innovative Content-Style Ad Platform.

Plenty of Fish – POF
Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Self Serve Ads (CPM).
No other site on the web will allow you to target users the way we do.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Contextual, Remarketing, Display Advertising.
We’re dedicated to increasing your bottom line through the powerful ad technologies.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Photo Text Ads, Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Email PPC Ads.
Reach Your Exact Target Audience.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Contextual and Banner Ads, Slider Ads, Ebay Ads.
Advertise across thousands of websites on a pay per click basis.

FinditQuick/ Search, Shop and Compare
Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Click (PPC) 2.0, Text Ads.
Professional pay-per-click advertising.

Cost Per Click (CPC).
The biggest advertisers trust adMarketplace provides you more than you can get from Google.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Call, SEM, Display Ads.
We create your brand, support for your campaigns, and commitment to your success.

Media Traffic – CPV PPV Contextual Advertising
Pay Per View (PPV), Media Buying, MediaTraffic CPV Contextual Advertising, Run of Network.
Get Targeted Domestic and International Traffic with MediaTraffic CPV Contextual Advertising.

Pay Per View (PPV), CPV, Self Serve Popups.
The leading online CPV and PPV advertising network that delivers the highest converting results.

AdOn Network
Text Ads, Direct Display Advertising, Email Ads.
Join In The Leading Ad Products.

Pay Per Text (PPT).

CPM, CPC, CD, CPI, CPA, CPV, Click2Call, Click2SMS.
We make the most effective media decisions across all channels and devices.

Vibrant Media
Lightbox, Mosaic, Storyboard, Brand Canvas, In-Image, Display Ads, In-Text.
We’re connecting consumers directly to relevant branded content. It is the game-changing cornerstone where Vibrant is a leader.

Pay Per Text (PPT), Self Serve Contextual Ads, Inline Text Ads.
Improve your website search rankings.

InText Ads.
Intelligent Internet Tools.

Casale Media
Mediabuying, Self Serve Banners.
Online advertising exchange.

Mediabuying, Banners, Display Ads, Rich Media, Over the Page, Video Ads, In-Text Rollovers, Full Screen Ads, Email Ads.

Tribal Fusion Exponential
We help brands transform the way they interact with audiences across desktop and mobile.

Mediabuying, Self Serve Banners.
The best packages to drive local business leads for your business.

Research. Shop. Save.

Mediabuying, Display Ads, Self Serve Banners on a range of Design Blogs, Sponsored Content, Custom Units.
It is designed to connect media companies directly to advertisers.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions.

Mediabuying, Premium Banner Ad Network.
Advertising Innovative Solutions.

AdEngage – Engaging Internet Advertising
Mediabuying, Banner Ads, Text Ads.
Your ad is seen by real people not bots so you know the traffic you’re receiving is real.

Undertone / The Singular Choice for Quality Display and Video Advertising
Mediabuying, Premium Banners, Display Ads.
High Advertising Solutions.

Ad Pepper
Mediabuying, Banner Ads, Display Ads, Newsletter, Pay Per Lead.
Ads Services and Best Solutions.

Infinity ads
Contextual Pop Ups.
The best popunder advertising to help you earn more from your traffic.

Retargeting, Self Serve Banners.
Reach your customers across any device, browser, or app with access to over 500 ad exchanges.

Recrue Media
The Heavy Lifting That Converts Local Relationships Into Digital Sales.

AdMob Mobile
Earn more from your apps the smart way.

InMobi / Global Mobile Ad Network
We are reimagining advertising to deliver real value for mobile consumers.

Mobile Advertising with Mojiva’s Mobile Ad Network
Unique mobile advertising campaigns and monetization strategies for agencies, brand advertisers and publishers around the world

Verified, privacy-compliant first-party data delivers the right audience at the right time.

ADF_LY – Celebrity Endorsements in Social Media
Buy & Sell Targeted Website Traffic & Advertising
Earn money for each visitor to your shortened links with

Media Buying, CPM, CPA, CPC, Display Ads, Video Ads, Mobile, SEM, Social Ads.
Reach your target audience

AdClickMedia Advertising Network
Pay Per Click (PPC), Self serve banners, Contextual Widgets, Photo Text Ads, Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Email PPC Ads.
Advertise wisely.

Blogads Blog Advertising
Blog Advertising, Ads on High Traffic Blogs.

Chitika – Online Advertising Network
Search Related Contextual Display Ads, Mobile

Display Ads, Text Ads

CPMStar – The Online Network Devoted To Gamers
Game Ads, Banner Ads, Display Ads (at gaming sites only)

Adknowledge Miva / MIVA_com
Pay Per Click (PPC)

AOL Advertising
Aol Banner Ads, Media Buying, Mobile, Desktop

PubMatic – Ad Network
Media Buying

Social Media Display Ads, Game Ads

ads_stumbleUpon_com – Discover the Best of the Web
Social Media Ads

Technorati Media/ Social Media
Banner Ads, Social Media Ads

Adperium Direct Ads
Display Banners, Mobile, Self Serve

Collective / The Audience Engine
Media Buys, Banner Ads, Display Ads

DSNR Media Group – Result Based Online and Mobile Advertising
Display Ads, Media Buying, Social Ads, Mobile, Apps, Video Ads

Etology – Advertising 2.0
Banner Ads, Text Ads, In-Video Ads, Popunders, Instant Message

Self Service Advertising and Direct Sales Tool For Publishers
Banner Ads, Display Ads, Media Buying

Réseau Sélect
Banner Ads, offline targeted Ads at quebec

Yahoo Advertising
Search Ads, Gemini, Mobile, Premium Ads, Video Ads, Smart TV Ads, Audience Ads

Specific Media
Media Buying, Banner Ads, Video Ads

Matomy Media
Media Buys, Banner Ads, Display Ads, Mobile, Video Ads, Social Ads, Email Ads, Search, Virtual Currency

Digg_com – Advertise on Digg
Sponsored Ads on digg_com

AdMedia /Affiliate Ad Solutions/ Publisher Ad Solutions
Self Serve inline Contextual Text Ads, Display ads

Affinity Contextual Advertising – Advertiser & Publisher Solutions
In-Footer Ads, In-Margin Ads, In-Text Ads, In-Page Ads, M-Footer Ads, M-Page Ads, Mobile

Media Buying on High Traffic Inventory

Intermarkets, Inc.
Media Buying, Banner Ads, Display Ads

IZEA Social Media Marketing
Self Serve Sponsored Tweets, Blog Posts

Small Direct Banner Buys

The AD2ONE Group
Media Buying premium UK, Irish & Aus. Sites, Ebay

AdOptim, monetize your audience
Video Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, CPV, Direct Navigation, In text, Search Injection, Search client or traffic

Media Buying, Display Ads (high volume)

Aim4Media – Leads the Way
Media Buying, Display Ads

BANNERCONNECT – The adexchange experts
Banner Ads, Media Buying

BrightRoll / The Leading Provider of Online Video Advertising Services
Banner Ads, Media Buying, Video Ads

Advertise Online with CBS Interactive
Media Buying (high traffic CBS sites)

Mode Media
Media Buying, Display Ads (inventory for female)

Hi-media , Groupe Media On-line
Media Buying, Display Ads

playwire MEDIA
Banner Ads, Mobile Ads, In-Game Ads, Video Ads

LinkWorth / Search Engine Marketing
Banner Ads, Inline, contextual Ads

contextual/search ads


Variety of formats, self serve platform

reddit_com: advertise
Self Serve Direct Ads on reddit_com

Display, media buys, some good blog inventory


Rubicon Project
media buys, nice interface/inventory

Salem Web Network, Christian Online Advertising
Display ads on Christian website network

Specific Media UK
Media buys/display on UK/Euro premium inventory

Tremor Video, Inc.
media buys, good range of new formats

inline contextual/rich ads, media buys

Interstitial full page ads

YuMe Video Ad Network & Platform
in-video ads, media buys

ZEDO Advertising Technology Partner
display/media buys

Buy & Sell Targeted Website Traffic & Advertising

Buy & Sell Targeted Website Traffic & Advertising

High Quality Pay Per Click Adult Advertising.

Wildline – Premium adult traffic experts.
Adult Advertising

Adult Advertising

Adult AdWorld
Adult Advertising

BuzzCity – Mobile Internet Advertising
Mobile Ads


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