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What is partners traffic and how to use it?

Why people follow the other people and waiting for some posts and ignore the others. And how you can use it?

It is important to understand what main assets do you personally have: is it a free time or free money? It will influence to the strategy you can use to work with partners traffic.

You can change your free time to free organic traffic or to pay for banners or your ads on popular sites or blogs.

Partner’s traffic means that you cooperate with the others to get traffic to your offer, site, blog or landing page.

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The better sample of partners traffic are the popular blogs created by the others where you can put your banners or text ads or to send the solo ads.


http://www.toprankblog.com Lee Odden

http://www.problogger.net Darren Rowse

http://www.johnchow.com John Chow

http://searchengineland.com Matt McGee

http://marketingland.com Matt McGee

http://www.shoemoney.com Jeremy “Shoemoney”

https://www.searchenginejournal.com Loren Baker

http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

http://www.dailyblogtips.com Daniel Scocco

http://www.quickonlinetips.com Liz Strauss

It means, that the main idea is to find the most popular bloggers and to cooperate with them to get traffic to your own offer.

You can suggest them just to pay for promo or to agree some kind of changes of the promo actions, for example – you can promote their products or blogs to your list and they will do the same to you.

Generating leads for your online/network marketing biz

It is 1 of the 5 main and the most pain points of online industry.

Most of you are using Facebook as your main platform, so it’s really not so hard to get traffic from FB.
First of all you have to recognize what niche you’re in, define who your target audience is and focus and go where those people are hanging out.
Once you have done this, it’s as simple as connecting with those people, building a relationship, sharing value on a regular basis and then presenting your offer.

Create your own story people are interested in and follow you… It is one of the main principles of FB success in promo.
NEVER PROMOTE YOUR OFFER DIRECTLY always redirect or use the story around.

And here are the places that you should go to look for your leads on Facebook:

Engage on the content that is being posted on these pages and connect with only those who are commenting your posts.
Your task is to find the people who are commenting positive things, aren’t negative or arguing with others and find people who are saying things that resonate with you.

It is almost same as above, it’s really all about connecting and engaging with the people in these groups as they are there because they have an interest in what it is that you have to offer. So if you bring them a lot of value to the topic they are interested in they will comment your posts and wait for.
Here are a few examples, if you’re in:

– Earn money online / Self growing & branding
You need to look for the pages that are specific for that, like famous TOP leaders and popular branding coachs that have huge followings lists.
Subscribe to TOP leader’s email lists, everyday you will be provided with fresh content and new ideas.

Here’s 10 TOP my suggestion:

– Tony Robbins
– Gary Vaynerchuk
– Bob Proctor
– Robert Kiyosaki
– Vince Reed
– Ray Higdon
– Todd Falcone
– Russell Brunson
– Mike Dillard
– Wilco De Kreij

It is not the rate just the list as the idea, you can add anyone you like (thank you beforehand by addition suggestions)

– Health products / weight loss
You need to be looking of the pages that specialized in, like pages of some famous personal trainers and fitness guru’s that have huge followings lists.

– Beauty products / Pharmaceuticals
Look for pages of famous models and groups of people that may suffer from certain skin ailments that your product can fix or help with.
As a general place to look for good leads is to use the experience and authority of industry guru’s, famous self development coaches and all the big entrepreneurial guru’s.

Please remember that the main key is to connect is to build relationships and to share big value.
Going to these groups & pages and just spamming people is never going to work.

I hope this helps those of you that are struggling with finding leads on Facebook and please feel free to share if you think that someone else could get some value from it.



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