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Firstly, why do we need to come up with new content to share it with our audience?

When you provide regular fresh content, you position yourself as an authority figure and leader which helps to build the know, like and trust factor.

When people get to know, like and trust you, the chances of them joining you in business are much much higher..

So, how do you come up with content?

You have to be constantly learning and growing yourself so that you always have fresh content to share..

Here are the best ways to come up with amazing content to share with your audience:

#1 Online Webinars
You have to watch online training webinar and take a heap of notes. Go through those notes and highlights which help you to create some content around those topics..
There are always a lot of new info dropped in webinars, so next time you attend one grab a pen and paper and start taking your own notes…Even if you think it is so small that do not need attention, you still need to share it, because chances are, someone else didn’t know that either. Again re-write it in your own words and share it

#2 Leader’s blogs
Find out who the leaders and top earners are within your niche and follow them and check out their blogs and posts…look at earlier posts and articles and find out what they are talking about.
Pick the post you like, take that topic and structure your own content around it,
Use the topic and re tell it your way individual way.

#3 TOP Leader’s Emails
Subscribe to TOP leader’s email lists, everyday you will be provided with fresh content that you can consume and then regurgitate in your own words to share with your own audience.. Please don’t copy it, take the topic and re word it in your own way.

Here’s 10 TOP my suggestion:

– Gary Vaynerchuk
– Bob Proctor
– Tony Robbins
– Robert Kiyosaki
– Vince Reed
– Ray Higdon
-Todd Falcone
– Russell Brunson
– Mike Dillard
– Wilco De Kreij
It is not the rate just the list as the idea, you can add anyone you like (thank you beforehand by addition suggestions)

#4 Forums
Go to and look for most popular forums in your niche…
If you are in the home business niche then you can go to the following ones
It is just an idea how you can get hot topics are and see what people are talking most of all and to create some new content around that topic.
#5 Target groups/or pages on Facebook
Search for target groups and pages on FB that are in your niche and see what people are most talking about. Again pick up all popular topics and create the content around.
It can be in the form of an email, video, Facebook posts, blog posts or a free report (which you could use to create your own content.

#6 Books

Set the goal to read at least 1 book per week. So when you read it skim back through it with a highlighter and pull out all the things that could be useful for your audience and then share it with your own words

#7 FB Live and Live Events

If you have ever been to a live event then I can guarantee that you came home with a load of notes..

Create the notes and then create content around the things that you learn at the event..

When you promote any kind of products, you should actually invest the time to go through them and learn something intresting about… You need to find your hook…
Most people just go straight to promoting the product without actually consuming the info first..

And always remember people prefer to talk only about their own problems.

Focus more on what your product/opportunity can do for your prospect rather than spitting out all the details on the facts and benefits..

What I mean by this, is instead of telling them how amazing your product or opportunity are and that it has been around for x amount or they only need to recruit x amount of people.

Focus on telling them how it will help solve their problems.

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills”!
– Perry Marshall

The are still many more places you can go to grab some new content to share, but you should do it by your own words.

I hope you find it useful…


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