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Hi, my Friend, my name is Vitaliy Tyutyunnyk I have been involved in business nearly two years. I have had my main full time job and I tried different online businesses. I'm not an internet marketing guru or anything like that. I am not a millionaire yet and do not expect to become. I'm just a regular guy that's struggling by myself and I want to in life while helping others along the way get what they really want in their life.

Like anyone who try to attempt anything in life, I have had some successes stories along the way and I have also had a lot of failures in online buz. But the failures are not what matters. The failures makes us stronger! The main reason is the goal and your family second, all that matters is that you don't give up on what you set out to accomplish in life and in business. Stay focused on your final goal no matter how rough it gets.

Why did I create this website?

Because I am looking for others that want to follow and join me in my journey. I want to share my story and to help the other people to reach the success. Because my number one goal is to help as many people as I can.

No matter what people offline and online may tell you that's the real truth! Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. Nothing good comes without real struggle. You have to take action and work to make things happen. My biggest passion is to help others succeed. So if you want help you are at the right place my friend.

Making money online is really a long process and has a steep learning curve that all of us have to go through sooner or later. Again despite what you are told, there is no way to quick and instant riches. There are no shortcuts! There are no any magic buttons! Anything worthwhile that you want to accomplish in life and in business takes a strong commitment, consistent effort, and yes, work, years of work. Another thing you need to realize is that from day one you MUST be willing to learn and learn a lot.

The reality is the following:

1. Nobody wants to be sold to &  

2. Nobody cares about your offer and your experience

So, if you want to build your business online, then you really need to realise that NOBODY CARES about your business!

To change it you need - the right Mentor to follow, Step-by-Step system with Daily Method of Operation you can follow each day, best tools to use and clear & simple method you can learn to get the real results

​If you need help and are looking for the place where you can find best online tools, best working systems and best trainings you are in the right place. If you are looking for someone online to work with that will really help you, be honest with you and be upfront with you, treat you fair, and that knows more than most about internet marketing but, not as much as some... Then I'm your guy!

Go down below and get connected with me ! I wish you good luck in our online journey 


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Publisher and Online Entrepreneur.
Hi, I am, Vitaliy Tyutyunnyk. I live with my family in Ukraine. I work as a publisher. Online buz is my passion and hobby. So I know a lot about and I am ready to learn more. I am looking for only the real things online, prefer to stay away of any scam, piramides and "quick buck" half a year programs. Read More

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