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authorityspy Build Your Own Brand

My dear Friends, I want to share with you some working traffic free tricks.

How to get targeted traffic ? Useful tips.
A lot of coaches and gurus will never tell you about some easy traffic tricks, as most of them want you to sign in their programs or pay them on monthly or year base.
They do not try to teach you the real things, as they just spin out the time to the next payments. Build your own brand, and push you by yourself… It is one of the main tips…
It will increase your conversion and multiply all your results.

So, let’s break this system and we will start with Facebook

#1 Facebook

Facebook2 Build Your Own Brand

If you’re using Facebook as your main platform, then it’s really not so hard as you think. Facebook is the current online traffic king. It is arguably even bigger than Google when it comes to paid traffic and to reach the target audience.

According to Pew Research Center, 71% of American adult internet users are Facebook users as well. And globally, there are more
than 1.59 billion active users and 1.44 billion active mobile users on Facebook every month.

Firstly you have to recognize what niche you’re in, define who your target audience is and go where those people are hanging out.
Once you have done this, it’s as simple as connecting with those people, building a relationship, sharing the real value on a regular basis and then presenting your offer.
Before you jump into any details of your offer, it’s critical that you take the time to understand your audience.
Who are they? What do they care about? What they are really looking for online?

And remember the main principle – “People don’t care about you, they care about what you can DO for them”

FB algorithms like personal videos and personal stories. Create your own story in a way that people will be interested in and let them follow you…

And here are the places that you should go to look for your leads on Facebook:

– Fan Pages
Engage on the content that is being posted on these pages and connect with those that are commenting, share and like.
My advice here is to find the people who are commenting positive things, aren’t negative or arguing with others and are saying things that resonate with you and who like your posts on regular base.
Find out how to use Your Fan Pages to make sales

– Groups
It is almost the same as with Fan pages, it’s really all about connecting and engaging with the people in these groups as they are there because they have an interest in what it is that you have to offer. My main tip is to start with free value and only when you connect and build a relation propose your offer.
Find out how to use Groups & Fan Pages more effectively

– Live Video
As a newer feature on Facebook and it is growing fast. Facebook live videos are real-time video posts that you can start and then share on your timeline and in your followers’ News Feeds.
Videos can be watched after the fact, and brands are able to offer a subscribe function to notify subscribers whenever you start a live broadcast.
Live video it is an important part of your Facebook promotion strategy. You can share announcements, do interviews, cover events, and share educational broadcasts. With help of Live video you need to share as much value as you can to atract new subscribers and customers to your list.

Facebook gives you the ability to target your ads with laser precision. Facebook’s interface allows you to target your audience not just by traditional demographics, but also via the pages your audience likes, the groups they join, interests they have, and other personalized information they enter about themselves. It is very unique and powerful source of traffic if you know how to use it.

If it is hard to you to start I suggest you to follow easy Lead generation system on Facebook. CLICK HERE

#2 Youtube

Youtube1 Build Your Own Brand

Videos can be a great way to grow your business fast, when used correctly. But if you commit these common video pitfalls, your business stands more to lose than to gain so be careful.

Check out these common mistakes now:
Not leveraging on communities. There are powerful communities on sites like YouTube that allow people to comment on videos, share and participate in conversation and subscribe to videos. You should take advantage of this community. You have to get involved in the community and show the other users that you care about them.

Not tapping into other video sharing communities. YouTube is the biggest, but there are other big video communities such as MetaCafe and Vimeo. If you fail to tap into these communities, you’ll be leaving lots of money on the table.

Not making your videos viral. Viral videos are quirky, interesting videos which make people want to share it with their friends because of it’s funny value.

Caring too much about views. Too often, businesses produce videos and hope to get 1 million views. On today’s social web, success isn’t always counted with stats or measured in view counts. What’s important is meaningful engagements instead.

Make your video personal, brand yourself and bring as much value as possible. It is the only way if you want people to subsribe you and to hear your recommendations. Inspire by your own samples. Try to do your personal video every week. And you do not have to be a leader with a huge list to motivate people like you and trust you.

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#3 Twitter

twitter-1 Build Your Own Brand

Twitter is among top social media networks is used for business and personal purposes. Building your following on Twitter is a key activity that drives awareness and engagement success on the social networks.
How to get free website traffic from Twitter and grow your list. Here is my Twitter experiment than double my followers just in a couple of days. You can do it with help of cool tools called Tweepi. My advice is to use it for free before you get results.
Your main goal is to unfollow -100 persons who didn’t follow you using this great tools or directly and then to follow +120 new members using Tweepi follow tools by @user’s followers (it is my personal advice).
You need to repeat this procedure every 2 days – the reason why do not do it every day is to let the people follow you. If you follow somebody people usually follow you, but the main trick is you have to choose people with the quantity of followers close to yours or a little bite more in order to have better results. The cool thing is that you can use the target lists of your competitors to grow your own list. If you will have any difficulties you can leave a comment and I will send you detailed video.
This simple system allow me to increase my twitter list in 3 times in less than a week even without any posts. And it will work for you.

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#4 Instagram

Instagram2 Build Your Own Brand

Instagram has over 500,000,000 monthly users. Including 100,000,000+ that are actively involved on it daily. It has the fastest growing user base of all social media.
It is by far the hottest social media platform right now, and is considered one of the best places to advertise, connect, and generate revenue.
Instagram has poised itself to be potentially the most influential social media site in the near future.
Post at peak times. Because Instagram is a mobile-only app, users can only access it on their mobile devices, and your posts can quickly be filtered down by the time they open the app.
How to increase website traffic with help of Instagram. The better content you have the better results with Instagram.
But the cool strategy is to use the success of the others in your promo action. It means you need to look for the groups and images (#hashtags) close to your niche with 20K+ followers, better 50K+. You need to get in touch with the owner of the images and agree to put your link as promo site under his/her image.
There are a lot of young guys in Istagram who share their photoes and images only for fun and some of them get terrific results more than 100K or even more visitors. It is what you are looking for. They will be glad, if you pay them some small amount, as it is just a fun for them and their friends. But you need to offer the real value and to have a “strong hook” to attract the prospects into your list using the traffic of the other guys and to convert it into your customers.

#5 Google & Bing SEO (#keywords research)

keywordsresearch Build Your Own Brand

Search traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo is always a keywords game. It takes time, but it will give you a result. There are a lot of keywords research tools and programs. Personally I advice to use Jaaxy to find the list of keywords you need to your niche, better to use long keywords of 3rd level with less competition to be on top in Google or Bing target search.

You can use the Keywords Research Tools to get best results. CLICK HERE

If you find it interesting share it with your friends & prospects.

Talk soon,

P.S. Btw if anybody told you you need to pay a lot of money for creating high converting landing pages and to pay for special tracking systems or to use their “traffic sources” to reach “the real success” do not listen it.
Even if you don’t know script editors or do not have any skills in programming, the really simple WP plugin will cost you max 69 USD one time payment. It is without any other monthly payments of 100 USD or more. Every newbie can create any funnels or high converting landing with help of it.
So what about the best tracking system it is with Google Analytics Tools and it is FREE.
You can use Viral Step by Step Traffic System to create any viral traffic by yourself.

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