Free Organic Traffic Secrets

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How To Get Free Organic Fraffic to your website or blog

Let’s talk about free trafic. Where to find it and how to create it?

The main secrets of free organic traffic:


Free Traffic Exchanges

Join All 5 Free Traffic Exchanges Below!(If you are already a member of some Traffic Exchanges, skip them.But make sure you join all of them)

Traffic Exchange #1

Traffic Exchange #2

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Traffic Exchange #3

new2006d Free Organic Traffic Secrets

Traffic Exchange #4

banner01 Free Organic Traffic Secrets

Traffic Exchange #5

Note: Some Traffic Exchanges will require you to surf a certain amount of pages for your account to be activated, so please read the instruction on each Traffic Exchange carefully.

Before you get started:  You NEED Virus Protection for your computer.  You simply can’t do this without it.  Although the exchanges try to prevent malicious sites, you WILL BE exposed.

The set up for this may be a bit time-consuming, but once it’s set up, you’ll be able to go right to work advertising your web sites.

You will need to download the FIREFOXbrowser.  The reason will become clear in a moment

Once you have downloaded FIREFOX,you will need to set it up for “surfing” on the exchangesClick firefox button (top left) and click ADD-ONS

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